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Hi, ​my name is meyrav oz

I live and breath the world of business design,

study 4 years graphic communication at "ASCOLA TEL AVIV"

Teach at "Macon Avni" graphic design.


I look for The uniqueness that makes your audience coming for more‭, ‬By design your vision. ‬Design your business by defining the strategy with the right approach for you customers‭.‬

Let's make it work for you.

The Creator  |  Strategy Branding

The creator Studio’s creative base is in Israel, The creator’s work has appeared in the most prestigious companies and design publications worldwide.

We teach the art of strategy and branding in school "MACHON AVNI" , including An online zoom program, we call ourself and our clients A “visionary” and claim to make our HEART connect to our Vision.

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In a world of noise, commotion and zero tolerance, you must stand out from everyone, it must not shout, It must give your exact customer value that touches him, his pain or his potential.

In The Creator we explore Branding that knows how to identify the real need and bring your new vision to the world,  in the most unique way, like it has never been seen before.

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We love working with SMB, high tech companies, Real estate and Start ups who willing to tell the new great vision to the world, and don't compromise for their quality and standards. 

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